1) How much does it cost and when are the lessons?

The cost for our 6-week, group lesson sessions is $140, with one 40-minute lesson per week. Private lessons are $60 for each one-on-one lesson and you pay as you go.  You only pay for the lessons you attend.


2) Does my child need any special equipment?

All you need is a swimsuit, goggles (even if they don’t love wearing them!) and a positive attitude*!

*We can help with that.


3) What can I do if my child is nervous?

Please tell your children that we are teachers, just like the others they know, and that they’ve come to Meadowbrook to learn and have fun! Like preschool or kindergarten, Swim Lessons are another way to educate one’s self to be a safe, and knowledgeable person.

Trying new things can be stressful, even scary sometimes. Our instructors are trained not just to educate, but to engage with your child. This may come slowly-but-surely in some cases, and we thank you in advance for your confidence in us!


4) How soon will my child learn to swim?

Great question! We wish we knew! Of course, we have a set of skills to teach each level, but we also find each student progresses at their own rate. Nevertheless, each accomplishment is one to be celebrated and encouraged-whether it is putting your face in for the first time or swimming a whole lap!


5) When do I know if my child is ready to move to the next level?

Here at Meadowbrook we have a particular set of skills for each level and once your child learns those skills and the instructor gives their approval they may move for the upcoming session.


6) May my 2 year old be in private lessons?

We believe in our program’s structure because it accommodates all sorts of ages and levels of ability. Even if your child is a superb swimmer at 2 (great job, by-the-way!) they might not be at the level of maturity and coordination that is necessary to learn and be comfortable on their own for the duration of a private or group class.


7) Which is better – private lessons or group?

The short answer is both!

Some children thrive in a group environment, watching their fellow students learn and master new skills alongside them, others need an individualized approach in order to achieve their best. Not sure which is works for your child? Let’s talk about it and figure it out!

 8) Can two children who are 3 years apart be together in a semi-private?

We do not put children in a semi-private who are more than 2 years apart. Different ages call for very different teaching methods and to attempt such a lesson would put both the teacher and the students at a disadvantage.


9) What is your make-up policy?

We do offer make-ups for our First Splash and Swim Practice Group.

Private lessons are paid for one-at-a-time so you are only charged when you attend.

We do NOT offer make-ups for our other group lessons for three reasons: Availability, Continuity and Safety.

  1. We have so few spaces available for make-ups that we couldn’t possibly ensure a time that works for everyone.
  2. We don’t want to drop your child into another class on another day at the end of the session since we cannot ensure they are getting a lesson that is best for them.
  3. We believe the instructor they have been with since the session started knows them best and we do not want to break continuity and disrupt your child’s learning.



10) What if my child cries the entire first class? 

We always like to say, “A bad day in the pool still beats a good day sitting on the deck.”

Unfortunately, sometimes getting into a new pool with a new teacher in order to learn new skills can be stressful, even scary.

See the pattern? It’s all NEW. Luckily, such a reaction is not new to US!

By giving our instructors a chance to get to know your child, and your child to get to know them and the pool we believe there’s a strong chance they will come to enjoy their time here, learn new skills and be eager to show them off to you at the earliest opportunity!


11) Can you recommend a good instructor?

We think every one of our instructors is awesome! Each one has been thoroughly interviewed and trained with their fellow instructors before taking on a class of their own. If you have particular concerns or your child needs special accommodations, please do not hesitate to contact us at 410-433-8300 or swimlessons@meadowbrook.com