High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectations

                                                                                       – Charles Kettering


Meadowbrook Swim Team expects to operate a professional, safe, and transparent organization. Meadowbrook Swim Team is a club member of USA Swimming, the National Governing Body for amateur competitive swimming in the United States. At its headquarters office, located at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA Swimming staff interact with 59 Local Swimming Committees (LSC’s), athletes, coaches and volunteers at all levels to provide a variety of services to 300,000 registered athletes, 25,000 non-athletes and 3,000 swim clubs.  Meadowbrook is in the Maryland LSC, which is composed of all of the counties in the state, as well as Baltimore City, with the exception of Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.  The Meadowbrook Swim Team is a program offered by Meadowbrook Swim Club.  John Cadigan is Meadowbrook’s General Manager, Kailey Morris is the Director of Aquatic Programming.  


Meadowbrook Swim Team expects to create a program of physical and physiological development of athletes in the sport of competitive swimming.  Our goal is to help athletes lay down a solid foundation of technique and sport specific skills that will be applicable for the remainder of their career. Through feedback and well taught drills, all swimmers will be exposed to proper stroke mechanics. This will allow athletes to swim with proper technique for the rest of their lives and mitigate the chances of injury. Our team aims to further reduce the chances of injury by tailoring our practices to favor quality over quantity. Our training is designed to build athlete precision and endurance to stimulate physiological changes.


Meadowbrook Swim Team expects to emphasize the mental training of our athletes.  We expect athletes to approach the sport daily with gratitude and humility for the opportunities which await them at every practice.  Practice mindset begins before entering the building.  A positive attitude, an eagerness to learn, and a willingness to believe they are capable of great success are the hallmarks of champions in sport and in life.  We will encourage swimmers to aim for goals that require not just hard work, but creative imagination as well.  Our program will emphasize visualization and mental rehearsal techniques to ensure our athletes are excited for success, not surprised by it.   

Meadowbrook Swim Team expects all swimmers to encourage their teammates and support their efforts in and out of the pool.  We seek to create a supportive environment in which swimmers can flourish and a place where they enjoy spending time.  We encourage good sportsmanship, respect for others, and respect for the facility and equipment.  We expect Meadowbrook swimmers to model good behavior towards each other, coaches, opponents and officials.  We expect our athletes to pay attention to hidden training areas of nutrition, hydration, and adequate rest. Our program will encourage pride in our team, pride in our club’s history and pride in one’s achievements. .  


Meadowbrook Swim Team expects swimmers’ parents to play a vital role in the success of our team. Both coaches and parents wish to see the swimmer grow as a person from their experiences in the program, and reach their potential as an athlete. One of the greatest lessons of swimming is learning the concept of delayed gratification. It takes a great deal of patience to be a swimmer, a swim coach, and a swim parent.  The coach’s job is to help guide the swimmer through their career by offering advice on every aspect of their swimming including goal setting, managing expectations, and decision making. The parent’s role is to support the effort of the swimmer, get them to practice on time, and help them make healthy nutritional choices and volunteer at meets when needed. We ask the parents to trust our judgment in matters regarding meet selection, entry choices, and group placement. 

Meadowbrook Swim Team creates an atmosphere of opportunity and encouragement in competitive swimming which develops mental discipline, honesty, and teamwork in the pursuit of excellence.