Competitive Swim Camp

Meadowbrook Competitive Swim Camp is a competitive swim camp for year round swimmers ages 9-13 years old. Combining high quality instruction with low swimmer to coach ratios will create a unique opportunity for personal growth and greatness found only at Meadowbrook. We will teach and train all four competitive strokes, starts, turns and race strategy. Our speakers will instruct all aspects of mental training from goal setting and realization to visualization, positive thinking, and developing mental toughness. Finally, we will cover the critical training areas of nutrition, hydration, and adequate rest for recovery and rebuilding after workouts. Campers will receive caps, t-shirts, notebooks, and an invaluable experience and knowledge. This a DAY CAMP only.
July 08 – 12, 2019.   9-5 Monday-Thursday; 9-3 Friday.  $595.00
Contact us for more information: 410-433-8300  or email John Cadigan

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