Transition to Coppermine Meadowbrook FAQs

Q:  Will the name continue to be Meadowbrook?

A:  The new name will be Coppermine Meadowbrook

Q:  When will the transition to Coppermine take effect?

A:  Beginning September 1, 2023 Coppermine will be operating Meadowbrook daily with the sale being finalized March 1, 2024.  Coppermine will spend the first few months getting to know the members, the ins and outs of the club, and planning some enhancements.  Stay tuned! 

Q:  What will happen to my current membership?  

A:  Your current membership will simply transition to a Coppermine membership with yoru current expiration date.  Monthly members will remain at the same rate.

Q:  What about my favorite employees?

A;  Coppermine will be retaining all the current employees.

Q:  What about the Meadowbrook Ducks Swim Team?

A:  The Meadowbrook Swim Team will continue its journey towards excellence in competitive swimming with John Cadigan remaining as Head Coach.

Q:  Will Swim Lessons remain the same?

A:  The best swim lessons around will continue with our same schedule, same instructors, and expectation of quality.

Q:  What about my favorite classes and programs?

A:  All of the classes and programs will stay the same.  We will always be looking for opportunities to improve.  

Q:  I am a personal training client.  Are there any changes to personal training?

A:  All Meadowbrook personal trainers will be at Meadowbrook to serve you as usual.

Q:  Will I be able to bring guests?

A:  We will be implementing a limited guest policy after Labor Day.

Q:  Are there any changes planned to the club? 

A:  YES!  But rest assured facility operations will not be disrupted at any point.  Look for additional improvements and other upgrades.