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Our weekday bootcamps use a variety of calisthenic, plyometric, and resistance exercises to help you achieve a high level of fitness. Instructors lead members through each exercise, ensuring that proper form and correct progressions are used.


Masters SwimmingMasters Swimming

Master swimming is competitive swimming for anyone 19-99 years of age. No previous competitive swimming experience is necessary. Master's swimming is for everyone from the beginner to the very advanced. Coaches are present on deck, offering workouts and stroke pointers to make your swimming more successful. Competition in meets is not required. Meets opportunities are available, however, to those who register with United States Masters Swimming (USMS).


Indoor Cycling StudioIndoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is a great workout for anyone who has never been on a road bike or for the hard core cyclist who doesn't want to brave the outside weather. Classes are taught by certified cycling instructors who will gladly help you with your bike setup, introduce you to the basics of indoor cycling, and lead challenging and effective workouts.





Yoga is a practice involving specific body postures, breath control, and simple meditation, aimed at fostering wellness and relaxation.



The Pilates Method of body conditioning is a series of exercises developed to create a healthy body, mind, and lifestyle. It is a unique system of exercises that strengthens and tones muscles, and improves circulation, flexibility, balance, and posture.  Pilates has a strong focus on the deep core muscles of the body: the abdominals, back, pelvic floor and hip muscles.  The method can be used as a supplement to workouts as it trains major muscles of the body. It is also a great way to regain strength after an injury and to move into a preventative maintenance routine. 


Aqua Fitness

Learn to appreciate how the water can condition, tone, and strengthen your body and provide holistic health. Benefits of exercising in the water include: pushing and pulling against the resistance of water in all directions, providing overall body conditioning, strengthening heart and lungs, and improving circulation.


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